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Challenge yourself with a personal FedEx Day

A huge challenge for entrepreneurs and small businesses is not becoming a commodity. The nature of the small business gig is that there are other small businesses in the same niche you are, and unless you make a conscious effort … Continue reading

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The Power of Doing Nothing (UPDATED)

Want to become more creative? Try doing nothing for a while. Stephen Shapiro explains:

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Ideas Alone Won’t Cut It: The Value of Hard Work

Many of us are always on the lookout for shortcuts: Ways to make things easier, faster, less strenuous. (Hence the popularity of sites like Lifehacker, and book titles that feature phrases like “The Easy Way to…” or “…Made Easy.”) To … Continue reading

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Light bulbs do more than illuminate

Thanks to countless cartoons and comic strips, the light bulb is the most common icon for the moment of epiphany, the flash of insight when a new idea occurs to us. Turns out that a picture of a light bulb … Continue reading

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