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The Neuroscience of Improvisation

Seed magazine has a fascinating article describing some recent studies of what goes on in the brain of a musician who’s improvising–that is, composing and performing music on the fly. There is something fascinating about the act of musical improvisation—that … Continue reading

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Six Facets of Individual Creativity

Perhaps we’ll never nail them all down, but here’s some research that identified six facets of individual creativity: The research showed that the test used could predict a person’s ability to come up with new solutions, collaborate with others, sell … Continue reading

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Light bulbs do more than illuminate

Thanks to countless cartoons and comic strips, the light bulb is the most common icon for the moment of epiphany, the flash of insight when a new idea occurs to us. Turns out that a picture of a light bulb … Continue reading

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Better living through bacteria?

We’ve long known that some types of bacteria help you stay healthy. But now it appears that some types may actually help make you smarter:

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