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New uses for old inventions

So, some egg-headed bureaucrats in the EU decided that incandescent light bulbs are EEEEVIL™ and must be banned. Never mind that many people prefer incandescent bulbs over compact fluorescent bulbs (those odd-looking ones that Mark Steyn has dubbed “curly-fry” light … Continue reading

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Compact Fluorescent Ideas?

From Mark Anderson: (Click here to see more of Mark’s business cartoons.)

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Cloudy with a slight chance of . . .

Brainstorming has been given the Savage Chicken treatment. Check it out.

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Fun: An Antidote For “The Way We’ve Always Done It”

Think there’s not much new you can do with going up and down stairs? Try injecting some fun. Going up: And going down: (Hat tip to Dan Pink.)

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Quote of the Day: “…superluminal quantum interconnectedness…”

“I throw around the term superluminal quantum interconnectedness as a state of being I hope to  achieve one day.” —Arthur Plotnik

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Put on a Happy Face

This gives a whole new twist to the old song.

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