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The Neuroscience of Improvisation

Seed magazine has a fascinating article describing some recent studies of what goes on in the brain of a musician who’s improvising–that is, composing and performing music on the fly. There is something fascinating about the act of musical improvisation—that … Continue reading

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Rule Zero: It All Begins With Mindset

Let’s call it Rule Zero (because it comes before Rule One): Creativity and innovation begins with your mindset. You have to think of yourself as a creative person, as a person who comes up with innovative ideas. Consider this story: … Continue reading

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What color is creativity?

Gregg Fraley asks “Why are we sometimes color restrained?” Walking down a street in North London last week, I spotted this chair in a store window. Ice cream for the eye!  It had me wondering why we “hold back” on … Continue reading

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Better living through bacteria?

We’ve long known that some types of bacteria help you stay healthy. But now it appears that some types may actually help make you smarter:

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Review – The Creating Brain: The Neuroscience of Genius

What happens in our brains when we create? And what happens in the brains of extraordinarily creative people—the Michelangelos, the Leonardos, the Mozarts, the Einsteins—when they exercise their creative genius? Is there a link between creative genius and mental illness? … Continue reading

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