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A culture of innovation at MailChimp

Fast Company gives some insights into how the culture at MailChimp fosters constant, pervasive creativity and innovation. “We provide an environment that allows for, and encourages, acting on spontaneous creativity,” says [cofounder Dan] Kurzius. When employees feel safe sharing their … Continue reading

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Six Facets of Individual Creativity

Perhaps we’ll never nail them all down, but here’s some research that identified six facets of individual creativity: The research showed that the test used could predict a person’s ability to come up with new solutions, collaborate with others, sell … Continue reading

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The Power of Doing Nothing (UPDATED)

Want to become more creative? Try doing nothing for a while. Stephen Shapiro explains:

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Question Conventional Wisdom; or “What Color Is an Alligator?”

Conventional wisdom is defined as “A widely held belief on which most people act.” It’s the stuff that “everybody knows.” Take, for example, alligators. Thanks to countless images in children’s books, cartoons, and comics, as well as all the toy … Continue reading

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Rule Zero: It All Begins With Mindset

Let’s call it Rule Zero (because it comes before Rule One): Creativity and innovation begins with your mindset. You have to think of yourself as a creative person, as a person who comes up with innovative ideas. Consider this story: … Continue reading

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Fun: An Antidote For “The Way We’ve Always Done It”

Think there’s not much new you can do with going up and down stairs? Try injecting some fun. Going up: And going down: (Hat tip to Dan Pink.)

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Ignorance is innovation fuel

In one of his recent Monday Morning Memos, Roy H. Williams offered some excellent advice for people who are seeking to “think outside the box:” Talk to someone who doesn’t even know what box you’re talking about.

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Sometimes ideas just click

From Lego, a video showing how sometimes ideas just click.

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What color is creativity?

Gregg Fraley asks “Why are we sometimes color restrained?” Walking down a street in North London last week, I spotted this chair in a store window. Ice cream for the eye!  It had me wondering why we “hold back” on … Continue reading

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Book Review: Caffeine for the Creative Team

Brainstorming has gotten a bad reputation, mostly because few people understand that it takes more than just shoving people into a conference room and telling them “Do some brainstorming for our next big idea! It’ll be fun!” The chances of … Continue reading

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