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Eight Suggestions for Better Brainstorming

Brainstorming has a bad reputation, mostly because most people have no clue how to run a brainstorming session. Gregg Fraley offers us “Eight Suggestions For Great Brainstorming/Ideation.”

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Is It Time to Break Up the Band? When Creative Teams Lose the Spark

Mike Brown has written a thoughtful essay about creative teams who burn through their creative energy. He cites a couple of opposing examples: The Beatles, who broke up when it was obvious that the magic was gone, The Rolling Stones … Continue reading

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Six Facets of Individual Creativity

Perhaps we’ll never nail them all down, but here’s some research that identified six facets of individual creativity: The research showed that the test used could predict a person’s ability to come up with new solutions, collaborate with others, sell … Continue reading

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Your Math Skills Are Useless Here

Stolen from Dr. Mark’s Business Psychology Blog: What’s interesting about this number: 8,549,176,320? PS. And it’s not that it contains all the numbers between 0 and 9. Any ideas? Dr Mark’s Business Psychology Blog

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The Evolution of an Idea

The Google home page, 1998 to 2010.

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High Ceilings Help Creative Thinking

The height of your ceiling can either help or hinder creative thinking.

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The Power of Doing Nothing (UPDATED)

Want to become more creative? Try doing nothing for a while. Stephen Shapiro explains:

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Cloudy with a slight chance of . . .

Brainstorming has been given the Savage Chicken treatment. Check it out.

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Quote of the Day: “…one small step for man…”

I remember sitting on the linoleum floor of our living room, in my pajamas, transfixed by that grainy images. We had set foot on another world. We need to go back. We need to go farther. And I believe that … Continue reading

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Good ideas must die

If you’ve every had an idea, you’ve wrestled with this. We love our ideas. Even the ones that suck. Most of us understand that we should kill off our bad ideas. (If you don’t understand that yet, you will after … Continue reading

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