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How ideas happen: Half a can of soup

My eldest daughter and son-in-law joined us for a good old-fashioned mid-west family supper last night: meatloaf, baked potatoes, and green bean casserole. Son-in-law commented about how much he loved green bean casserole, but they seldom made it, and daughter … Continue reading

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Heating homes and offices with computers?

Speaking as a life-long resident of the Northern Great Plains, I like this idea: A new paper from Microsoft Research The Data Furnace: Heating Up with Cloud Computing suggest a radical but slightly mad scheme for dealing with some of … Continue reading

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New uses for old inventions

So, some egg-headed bureaucrats in the EU decided that incandescent light bulbs are EEEEVIL™ and must be banned. Never mind that many people prefer incandescent bulbs over compact fluorescent bulbs (those odd-looking ones that Mark Steyn has dubbed “curly-fry” light … Continue reading

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When Ideas Have Sex – Matt Ridley

Here’s a great talk by Matt Ridley on what happens when ideas meet and mate:

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The Evolution of an Idea

The Google home page, 1998 to 2010.

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Good ideas must die

If you’ve every had an idea, you’ve wrestled with this. We love our ideas. Even the ones that suck. Most of us understand that we should kill off our bad ideas. (If you don’t understand that yet, you will after … Continue reading

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Ignorance is innovation fuel

In one of his recent Monday Morning Memos, Roy H. Williams offered some excellent advice for people who are seeking to “think outside the box:” Talk to someone who doesn’t even know what box you’re talking about.

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What color is creativity?

Gregg Fraley asks “Why are we sometimes color restrained?” Walking down a street in North London last week, I spotted this chair in a store window. Ice cream for the eye!  It had me wondering why we “hold back” on … Continue reading

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Ideas alter the balance of power

What kind of push-back do your ideas get?

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