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Is It Time to Break Up the Band? When Creative Teams Lose the Spark

Mike Brown has written a thoughtful essay about creative teams who burn through their creative energy. He cites a couple of opposing examples: The Beatles, who broke up when it was obvious that the magic was gone, The Rolling Stones … Continue reading

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Six Facets of Individual Creativity

Perhaps we’ll never nail them all down, but here’s some research that identified six facets of individual creativity: The research showed that the test used could predict a person’s ability to come up with new solutions, collaborate with others, sell … Continue reading

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Book Review: Caffeine for the Creative Team

Brainstorming has gotten a bad reputation, mostly because few people understand that it takes more than just shoving people into a conference room and telling them “Do some brainstorming for our next big idea! It’ll be fun!” The chances of … Continue reading

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QOTD: “a long sequence of small sparks”

“All great inventions emerge from a long sequence of small sparks…”

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