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Innovative hack: Use a Personal Glucose Meter to measure things besides glucose

The Make magazine blog points to an interesting hack of personal glucose meters by Yi Lu and Yu Xiang at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: They figured out a way to use them to measure chemicals other than glucose. Li … Continue reading

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What is innovation, anyway?

The words innovation and innovate come to us from the Latin innovāre, or “to renew.” So, according to most dictionaries, innovation means “something new or different,” or “the act of creating something new or different.” However, for most businesses, merely … Continue reading

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The Freedom to Innovate: “FedEx Days” at Atlassian

Atlassian is an Australian software company that wanted to experiment with giving their developers some freedom to work on their own pet projects. So they created something that they called “FedEx days.” During FedEx days, Atlassian developers have 24 hours … Continue reading

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Music from a hydrogen fusion reactor (the sun)

I love stuff like this: Astronomers from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom have made music based on the oscillations they observed in the sun’s corona: They found that huge magnetic loops that have been observed coiling away … Continue reading

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Strong voices = strong bodies?

We size people up—often unconsciously—using a myriad of factors: Clothing, handshake, grooming, and so on. Sometimes our conclusions can be wildly incorrect, but sometimes, some of our snap judgments are remarkably good. And what we call intuition is probably based … Continue reading

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