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Heating homes and offices with computers?

Speaking as a life-long resident of the Northern Great Plains, I like this idea: A new paper from Microsoft Research The Data Furnace: Heating Up with Cloud Computing suggest a radical but slightly mad scheme for dealing with some of … Continue reading

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A culture of innovation at MailChimp

Fast Company gives some insights into how the culture at MailChimp fosters constant, pervasive creativity and innovation. “We provide an environment that allows for, and encourages, acting on spontaneous creativity,” says [cofounder Dan] Kurzius. When employees feel safe sharing their … Continue reading

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Innovation and observation

How often does a truly innovative product or service come from asking people what they need? Or is it more often the case that innovation happens when we observe people? Michael Fruhling has some observations about the value of observing … Continue reading

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What is innovation, anyway?

The words innovation and innovate come to us from the Latin innovāre, or “to renew.” So, according to most dictionaries, innovation means “something new or different,” or “the act of creating something new or different.” However, for most businesses, merely … Continue reading

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