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Compact Fluorescent Ideas?

From Mark Anderson: (Click here to see more of Mark’s business cartoons.)

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Your Math Skills Are Useless Here

Stolen from Dr. Mark’s Business Psychology Blog: What’s interesting about this number: 8,549,176,320? PS. And it’s not that it contains all the numbers between 0 and 9. Any ideas? Dr Mark’s Business Psychology Blog

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Fun: An Antidote For “The Way We’ve Always Done It”

Think there’s not much new you can do with going up and down stairs? Try injecting some fun. Going up: And going down: (Hat tip to Dan Pink.)

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Music from a hydrogen fusion reactor (the sun)

I love stuff like this: Astronomers from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom have made music based on the oscillations they observed in the sun’s corona: They found that huge magnetic loops that have been observed coiling away … Continue reading

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Put on a Happy Face

This gives a whole new twist to the old song.

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Sometimes ideas just click

From Lego, a video showing how sometimes ideas just click.

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