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Is It Time to Break Up the Band? When Creative Teams Lose the Spark

Mike Brown has written a thoughtful essay about creative teams who burn through their creative energy. He cites a couple of opposing examples: The Beatles, who broke up when it was obvious that the magic was gone, The Rolling Stones … Continue reading

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High Ceilings Help Creative Thinking

The height of your ceiling can either help or hinder creative thinking.

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Rule Zero: It All Begins With Mindset

Let’s call it Rule Zero (because it comes before Rule One): Creativity and innovation begins with your mindset. You have to think of yourself as a creative person, as a person who comes up with innovative ideas. Consider this story: … Continue reading

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Light bulbs do more than illuminate

Thanks to countless cartoons and comic strips, the light bulb is the most common icon for the moment of epiphany, the flash of insight when a new idea occurs to us. Turns out that a picture of a light bulb … Continue reading

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