New uses for old inventions

Ceci n'est pas une amooule

So, some egg-headed bureaucrats in the EU decided that incandescent light bulbs are EEEEVIL™ and must be banned. Never mind that many people prefer incandescent bulbs over compact fluorescent bulbs (those odd-looking ones that Mark Steyn has dubbed “curly-fry” light bulbs). The bureaucrats know better. Incandescent light bulbs are hereby banned.

Enter German businessman Siegfried Rotthaeuser, who is importing and selling “Heatballs.” These are ingenious devices that screw into regular light sockets, but give off heat. Up to 95% of the energy consumed by Heatballs is emitted as heat; the rest is converted to light.

My hat is off to you, Herr Rotthaeuser.

If you speak German, you can learn more about Heatballs here:

(Cross-posted at my just-for-fun blog, Dispatches from Outland.

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