Quote of the Day: “…restrictions get the mind going.”

“Sometimes restrictions get the mind going. If you’ve got tons and tons of money, you may relax and figure you can throw money at any problem that comes along. You don’t have to think so hard. But when you have limitations, sometimes you come up with very creative, inexpensive ideas.”

—David Lynch
(In Catching the Big Fish: Meditation,
Consciousness, and Creativity

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4 Responses to Quote of the Day: “…restrictions get the mind going.”

  1. lupalz says:

    This reminds me of another quote but I can’t remember by whom, that was on the lines of:
    “If you want someone to fail, give them unlimited resources”

  2. Roy Jacobsen says:

    I like that one! I’ll have to see if I can find who said it.

    • lupalz says:

      Found it! it was on “The Creative Habit” by coreographer Twyla Tharp.
      Great book, I recommend it.

      • Roy Jacobsen says:

        No wonder it seemed familiar. I have Tharp’s book, and agree that it’s great. (Which reminds me: I need to take a look at her new book, “The Collaborative Habit.”)

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