What color is creativity?

Colored pencils in a jarGregg Fraley asks “Why are we sometimes color restrained?

Walking down a street in North London last week, I spotted this chair in a store window. Ice cream for the eye!  It had me wondering why we “hold back” on color so much.  I’ve often resisted the urge to wear colorful clothes for example.  Why are we sometimes color restrained?  And, what does this chair suggest to us in terms of ways to use color more effectively in everything we do? In our innovation projects?

I think  we sometimes overlook the profound impact that color can have. For example, it can change how we think, or our emotional response to a situation. Red seems to help people when they need to focus on details, or complete tasks that require good recall, whereas blue seems to stimulate imagination and creativity.

Take a moment to think about one of the major problems or projects that you’re working on. Now, as quickly as you can, without taking time to consider your answer:

What color is this problem or project?

Now that you know the color, take some time to think about why you picked that color. What insights can you sift out from that?

What are the complementary colors, the contrasting colors? What does that tell you?

How can you incorporate color into your problem’s solution, or into your project?

Image credit: Jenny W./Stock.xchg

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2 Responses to What color is creativity?

  1. Gregg Fraley says:

    Great questions! It’s questions like these that help us think differently.

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