Ideas alter the balance of power

What kind of push-back do your ideas get?

The matchless Hugh MacCleod sent this cartoon out to his email subscribers yesterday:

Great ideas cartoon by Hugh MacCleod

In his book, Ignore Everybody, MacCleod described the various responses that your ideas get–from your own gut, from your friends, and from business associates. For example:

With business colleagues it’s even worse. They’re used to dealing with you in a certain way. They’re used to having a certain level of control over the relationship. And they want whatever makes them more prosperous. Sure, they might prefer it if you prosper as well, but that’s not their top priority.

If your idea is so good that it changes your dynamic enough to where you need them less, or God forbid, THE MARKET needs them less, then they’re going to resist your idea every chance they can.

Judging an idea from the kind of push-back you get isn’t the only way, or the best way to evaluate ideas. But it can be valuable.

Small ideas make small waves. Big ideas make big waves.

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